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Do you have any problem accessing the MTN portal for MMS at ?
If yes, please liaise with MTN Customer Care. Additionally, refer to the below number.

Prepaid Customers
Free assistance 24/7 from any MTN number 173
From any other phone 083 173
Contract Customers
Click on your provider’s name below for more information:
MTN/SP 808 / 083 1 808
iTalk Cellular 0861 33 22 88
Orion Cellular 0860 10 36 48
Nashua Mobile 0861 41 24 12
Altech Supercall Cellular 011 280 7070
Altech Autopage Cellular 0860 23 24 24

Quote from Wikipedia:

MTN Group is a South Africa-based multinational mobile telecommunications company, operating in many African and Middle Eastern countries.

MTN describes itself as “the leader in telecommunications in Africa and the Middle East” and as of early 2007 is active in 21 countries. (Since 2004, Africa has been the fastest growing mobile phone market in the world).

MTN Group’s President and CEO is Phuthuma Nhleko. The company sponsors the CAF Champions League football competition.

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In order to view your MMS messages, you have to go to:

  • – Tigo, Honduras

Please be informed that you also need to provide your cellular number the PIN which has been sent to your mobile.

Quoted from Wikipedia:

Millicom International Cellular is a mobile phone network provider in AmericaAfrica and Asia. Based in Luxembourg, the company provides mobile services in 17 countries. With operations across Central AmericaSouth AmericaAsia and Africa, using GSM, CDMA and TDMA on America, GSM and UMTS over Africa and Asia. Millicom also is the owner of Amnet, a company that provides cable television and broadband internet services in Costa RicaHonduras and El Salvador; additionally the company provides corporate data services in Guatemala and Nicaragua.

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Ready to view your MMS pictures? Most probably, you’ll receive an SMS notification from Vodafone that require you to open

You received a Vodafone MMS.
Please enter your complete mobile number starting with “+” and the password you recieved in the SMS

You have to proceed to enter your mobile number and password.

Quote from Wikipedia.

Vodafone D2 is a mobile telephone company, operating in Germany. It is a non-listed, wholly owned subsidiary of Vodafone Plc (which is based in the United Kingdom).

The company resulted from the 2000 takeover by Vodafone of the German operator Mannesmann Mobilfunk GmbH. D2-Netz, the company’s primary asset, was the second digital (GSM) network licensed in Germany. It was rebranded in 2002 to Vodafone D2. Currently, the Vodafone D2 network serves both prepaid and postpaid customers on GSM and UMTS (with HSDPA). It has 36,191 million customers (34.1% of market share), making it the second largest operator in the country.

Below is the link that you might find useful and relevant:


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How to send MMS?

Send MMS

Following are instructions to activate MMS on your phone.


Step 1 Ensure your phone is compatible with GPRSData Phone Features.
Step 2 Contact us to ensure that you have a GPRSData number active.
Step 3 If you have purchased your phone through Optus, the phone should come pre-provisioned with settings on. To activate these settings, please follow the instructions in this guide, see the manufacturer’s guide or contact us.
You can also choose to have settings directly sent to your phone via our Configure Mobile page, or if you have a PDA please see Configure PDA.
Step 4 Once you have had GPRS activated on your account and MMS settings configured on your phone, you will need to successfully send an MMS, before you are able to receive MMS from other people. You can  send the MMS to your own phone. When successfully received you will know that your service is now configured correctly for MMS

For information about what you can do with MMS, see MMS.

As quoted from the website;

Capturing the moment.

Sometimes words are not enough. With Optus Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), you can capture the moment and instantly surprise your family and friends. Share important moments like birthdays or holidays, or simply to greatly enhance your messages.

Send photos, videos, sounds and animations
Using your Optus MMS phone, you can take photos, record videos and sounds, add animations and text and send it instantly, just as you would a simple text message (SMS). Of course you can receive and reply to MMS messages from your friends. Click here to watch the MMS Demo.

Send MMS to email or your MMS Photo Album webpage
It doesn’t matter if a friend doesn’t have an MMS mobile phone. You can send your MMS to any email address worldwide so they can view it at their leisure.

You can even store your images on your own private photo album webpage, provided by Optus free of charge. Optus MMS Photo Albums provide Optus MMS customers with a convenient way to store and display their MMS files. You can store your images and photos in private MMS Albums for your eyes only, or share them with friends and family. Find out how to set up your MMS album today.

In addition, Optus provides exclusive pictures of selected special events, even reality programs, such as the Big Brother television series.

Optus MMS News is a daily news updates service that sends you a choice of General, Business, Finance Sports and Entertainment news direct to your phone.

For avid movie goers, Optus offers MMS Video Movies, a weekly update of up to 4 video movie trailers of latest movie releases and 2 movie reviews, sent as video clips in a MMS message direct to your phone every Thursday, when new movies are released.