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MMS Elizabeth Wong – Malaysia

MMS Elizabeth Wong - Malaysia

MMS Elizabeth Wong - Malaysia

Who is Elizabeth Wong?

You may refer to the information recorded here, here, here and here. To make things short, she’s one of the politician in Malaysia which caught on tape by her boyfriend. The MMS video has been spread-out vivaciously.

According to Wikipedia:

Elizabeth Wong is the Bukit Lanjan assemblywoman and Selangor executive council member in charge of Tourism, Consumer Affairs, and Environment, who is in the Parti Keadilan Rakyat party.

Wong entered the electoral arena as a candidate under the People’s Justice Party (or Parti Keadilan Rakyat – PKR) during the 13th General Elections and on March 8, 2008, Wong created an upset by defeating the incumbent and was elected as the new Selangor State Assemblyman for Bukit Lanjan with a majority of over 5000, the second largest majority won by PKR state assembly candidates in Selangor.

Wong is well-known as a prominent human rights activist and was involved in activist environmental campaigns. Since assuming office, she won over critics of Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Alliance) for being a straight-talking, pro-environment and incorruptible politician. Wong is said to be one of the better performing executive council members in Pakatan Rakyat states and a rising star.

On 17 February 2009, Wong offered her resignation when semi-nude photographs were circulated to the public media, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend. She was advised to go on leave over this traumatic affair. The public outcry against the invasion of Wong’s privacy was unprecedented, which saw the usually staid public media rooting for her; women’s and human rights NGOs with her constituents collected more than 10,000 signatures within 24 hours, urging the Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Dato’ Abdul Khalid Ibrahim to reject her resignation. The Sultan of Selangor released a media statement expressing His Majesty’s sadness at Wong’s debacle and expressed his concern over the invasion of her privacy, but left the fate of Wong to the Menteri Besar. During the March 2009 sitting of the Selangor state assembly, which Wong was granted leave by the Speaker, the Opposition, Barisan Nasional joined her colleagues in urging Wong to retract her resignation.