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Today is my day 1 of Amax Wimax trial period. I registered for Multi User Package for RM138 per month.
Activation fee of RM100 waived and no RM80 installation fee imposed. No RM50 activation fee charged.
I just paid RM138, that’s it.

As I’m staying in Kelana Jaya, Amax Wimax is one of the ‘best’ good choice.

I don’t want any messy wires and cables all around me, so I opt for Amax Wimax.
Since they give 7 days trial, I’m gonna use it to the max.

Particular, after the installation finished, I felt something weird. I felt the dizziness.
Is that because of the microwave, or the headache just come across me?

You hardly find a review about Amax Wimax on the Internet. Except some from Lowyat and the price tag from Soyacincau, including the post about revamped website.

You may refer to Life as Malaysian if you can’t decide whether you should go for P1 Wimax or Amax Wimax. Aris Samad said that Amax Wimax wins over Streamyx, while Ian discovered that you can’t view YouTube properly. On the other side, guen chai declared a war while athirah still can’t decide.

Based on my personal opinon, observation and review:

Day 1:

  • Response time is fast. Once you register on the Amax website, they will call you the next day for the installation.
  • They will call you to set the appointment and surprisingly arrive on time.
  • They will perform signal checking and place the Wimax modem at the correct place.
  • Configuration with testing account started and they showed me they can get 1.5Mbps.
  • Payment has to be made on-the spot. Ouch! I didn’t prepare any money. They should state it somewhere or upon calling me. I thought it will be impose in the next bill.
  • If you want a Wi-Fi router, please add RM150. Wimax modem for multi user do not support Wi-Fi. Only LAN connection allowed.
  • Speed test results varies. But I never reach beyond 1Mbps. Ranging from 200kbps to 900kbps. Showed the unstability.
  • My friend who are using Maxis Broadband at the same place, same location managed to get 1.2Mbps to 1.6Mbps

Day 2

  • Early in the morning, I tried to hook-up to the Amax Wimax but failed.
  • Feeling miserable, I do not know what to do. If Streamyx, I can call their hotline number.
  • Now I realize, having an Internet connection must also consider of having a great support. Even in real life, it never exist.
  • So what I did?
  • I made a call to their toll-free number, saying that I want to return.
  • They said must come over to Taman Tun Dr Ismail, TTDI.
  • Immediately, I packed up everything and went over to No 8, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad, TTDI. ┬áSame row of Celcom, and opposite of Maxis.
  • Returning is easy, yes I mean really easy. They asked to fill-up the form, put the reason why you want to terminate.
  • They explained that the reimbursement will be deposited into your Maybank account.
  • If within 14 days, Amax did not call me, please let them know.
  • Things to complement, their customer service is nice. Even with your intention of termination of service, they still service you as usual.
  • I’m impressed!

Good bye, Amax. Thanks for giving me a chance to try your Wimax service.

I happily went-off and paid a visit to Celcom TTDI Branch. Just want to ask (and immediately subscribe their Celcom broadband), but they failed me.

But that’s just another story.

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