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Anara Gupta - Miss Jammu MMS Video Clips Download
Anara Gupta - Miss Jammu MMS Video Clips Download

Anara Gupta MMS video was once a highly seek video. Her MMS video was widely being circulate all over the Internet and transmitted over cellphone to cellphone in India. What’s the MMS story behind?

Who is Anara Gupta?

Anara Gupta (born August 1986) is an Indian model and actress who won the “Miss Jammubeauty pageant in 2001. She has been at the center of an ongoing and widely publicized immoral act and police scandal in Jammu and Kashmir since 2004.

As usual, we held no MMS clips here. Please be aware of any persuasion, so that you won’t fell into the trap.

Quoted from IndianCeleb:

Anara Gupta has seen it all, from the fame of the Miss Jammu to the charges by the authorities. The Anara Gupta video came in lime light when it was distributed online and via the cell phone networks, police soon arrested the innocent girl soon to realize that she was not the one in the video, this was supported with the forensic report.

The Video was distributed / sold by the sources saying that the video was taken when Anara was 16 years old. The video is about an hour long, the same video was sold in other localities by some other name this time around. The video seems to be a home made video made someone and then sourced or was stole for the party.

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