Digi Customer Service Number – Open 24 Hours, Malaysia

Hey, you come here, high chances, it’s because you have problem with Digi. Let us guess: You pissed-off with the service You looked at the bill, and you’re overcharged You want reload your credit You cannot access My Digi App Your line has been barred Whatever it is, we knew, it’s so hard to find Digi Customer Service Number on …

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Update: March 2014 This link: is no longer available. If you want to view you MMS, please login to Please do note that there’s a difference between ‘http’ and ‘https’ in term of security. Once you can view the page, please enter your phone number and PIN number sent to your mobile phone. Incoming search terms from Google:pressurehdo

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Retrieving the MMS is fairly easy. What you need to do is just click the, enter your mobile number and password. But if have never use this service before, you need to enter your mobile number together with the Message Key that you received as a text message. If you wonder, what is Un-Registered user, they are those Users …

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How to activate Maxis 3G?

Another simple thing that you miss. Just type *136# from your supported 3G mobile phone. You’ll be getting a message saying that ¬†“Your 3G command will be activate in 2 hours time” If you’re a Nokia N96, it is confirmed working! : )

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Izzi Speed Test vs

To measure your internet connection speed, which website did you use? Personally, my top 2 choice are Izzi Speed Test and Who’s the winner? I chose Izzi because it’s freaking fast and accurate. Additionally, if you want to measure or calculate the speed within Malaysia, Izzi provide the best service. What ever it is, some people claims that Izzinet …

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Today is my day 1 of Amax Wimax trial period. I registered for Multi User Package for RM138 per month. Activation fee of RM100 waived and no RM80 installation fee imposed. No RM50 activation fee charged. I just paid RM138, that’s it. As I’m staying in Kelana Jaya, Amax Wimax is one of the ‘best’ good choice. I don’t want …

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Maxis 3G vs Celcom 3G – Both Slow?

Celcom 3G Are you one of the Maxis 3G or¬†Celcom 3G user? Or you’re just the one who can’t decide which one to subscribe? Let me guess, you really need to connect to the Internet on the move. Before you make your final decision, just read through review of good/bad and slow/fast experience. Don’t fall under the trap with their …

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Maxis Broadband vs Celcom Broadband (Wireless, Wired, 3G, HSDPA, EDGE, GPRS)

Mobility is a must. My main concern is to be online anytime anywhere. Starbucks now is not an option. I do have Streamyx at home. Alternative to Streamyx? Haven’t found any.But sometimes when I’m out from the office and home, there’s an urgency to check email. That’s why I’m looking for some juicy offer from these telco. Why Maxis? Maxis …

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