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mmsaccess.vodafone.ro – Vodafone, Romania

vodafone.co.uk/getmyphoto - Vodafone, United Kingdom

If you accessing http://mmsaccess.vodafone.ro, you’ll be welcomed with: This service allows you to view multimedia messages (MMS) that have been sent to you. For every message you receive, you can reply with your own multimedia message, or forward it to someone else. Multimedia Messages can be sent by people with camera-equipped mobile phones and may contain pictures, sounds or even …

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mms.itelcel.com/servlets/mms – Telcel, Mexico

mms.itelcel.com/servlets/mms - Telcel, Mexico

In order for you to be able to send MMS messages from Telcel, the person you are trying to send a message to, needs to have the service activated. Not all users have the service. In fact, users of Paid as you go or Amigo are not entitled to do so. Anyway if they have the service activated you can …

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web.telusmobility.com/snap/ – Telus Mobility, Canada

web.telusmobility.com/snap/ - Telus Mobility, Canada

Update: July 2013 In order to view your MMS, you can head to  web.telusmobility.com/snap/ and eventually, you will be re-directed to http://web.telusmobility.com/snap/picture_messaging_login_tm.html   The old screen as follows: Telus Mobility MMS login page will be at http://mms.telusmobility.com. It was accessible previously, but now the site seems down. It gave an error of: An internal error has occurred. The operation could not …

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tigo.com.gt/mms – Tigo, Guatemala

tigo.com.gt/mms - Tigo, Guatemala

Updates: July 2013 If you’re one of the Tigo customer, you may arrive here because you wanted to view your MMS photo. It’s very simple, please click http://www.tigo.com.gt/mms. You will then will be presented with this screen: Now, what you need to do is to enter your cellular number and PIN number. Where to get your PIN number? Just take …

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mms.loopmobile.in:9091/webtop2/ – Loop Mobile, India (Formerly BPL Mobile)

mms.loopmobile.in:9091/webtop2/ - Loop Mobile, India (Formerly BPL Mobile)

You may arrive here because you wanted to know, “How to check my Loop Mobile MMS?“. If you’re trying to view your MMS, follow the below guide: Retrieve you MMS pictures at http://mms.bplmobile.com:9091/webtop2/ or http://mms.loopmobile.com:9091/webtop2/ But hey, too lazy to register? Not to worry. If you an unregistered user who have not registered with MMSC, you can still receive MMS arrival …

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mms.gprs.safaricom.com/mms – Safaricom, Kenya

mms.gprs.safaricom.com/mms - Safaricom, Kenya

Update: March 2014 If you have problem in getting your MMS, please contact Safaricom Kenya Official Page on Faceboo.   If you noticed, Safaricom Kenya provide similar MMS service like Telenor Pakistan. Very simple and intuitive user interaction. Only message pincode needed. Proceed to http://mms.gprs.safaricom.com/mms/ to retrieve your MMS in a split seconds. Quoted from Wikipedia: Safaricom, Ltd is a …

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mmstelenor.com.pk – Telenor, Pakistan

mmstelenor.com.pk - Telenor, Pakistan

Do you have problem to view the MMS that you have just received? Unlike other telecommunication provider, Telenor Pakistan provide the easiest way to retrieve your MMS. Just go to http://mmstelenor.com.pk and put your pincode. That’s it! On the webpage, it says “To view your mms message please submit the message pincode ” Quoted from Wikipedia: Telenor Pakistan is a …

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mmsuzenet.vodafone.hu – Vodafone, Hungary

vodafone.co.uk/getmyphoto - Vodafone, United Kingdom

Don’t be surprised if you’re being redirected from http://mmsuzenet.vodafone.hu to https://mmsuzenet.vodafone.hu/mcp-vfg-prd_hu/front?cmd=defaultlogin&firstTime=true. It’s a legit website where you can retrieve your MMS, a service provided by Vodafone, Hungary. Quoted from Wikipedia: The IMSI – Network Code of Vodafone Hungary is 216-70 and MSISDN Network Codes are 70 (international: +36 70) The Display name of Vodafone Hungary: vodafone HU Incoming search terms from Google:www …

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ibox.tim.it/mms – Telecom Italia Mobile, Italy

ibox.tim.it/mms - Telecom Italia Mobile

When you click, http://ibox.tim.it/mms you’ll prompted with the message saying: Welcome in the space where you can read your MMS! if you are a registered user, enter username and password in the spaces above. If you are not registered, but you were sent an MMS TIM on your mobile, Enter your phone number and the code that you received in …

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leertusmms.orange.es – Orange, Spain

leertusmms.orange.es - Orange, Spain

If you can see the above login and password to retrieve your MMS from Orange, you’re in a correct place.  However, if you failed, visit the following link: http://leertusmms.orange.es/BandejaMMSLegacy/web/login.htm The best MMS configuration / settings for MMS Mobile Orange – APN: orangemms – Connection type: Continuous – Bearer: GPRS – IP Address: 172,022,188,025 – Authentication: Normal – Type of validation: Normal …

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