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Miffty Zhang, the pretty Hong Kong university student is coming back! You can access her blog at

Her blog titled, The magic of a Mao Mao BLOG, showed that she posted about to forget the past experience and showed pictures in Disneyland. Looks she’s really enjoying it.

Sorry, we don’t have her MMS pictures.

A rollback tragedy;

She caught kissing passionately with a writer who wasn’t her boyfriend at a nightclub last year – who was then unceremoniously dumped and vilified.

The 22-year-old will become a Haikou TV anchor introducing fine food, after she graduates this year. The writer involved, Joe Nieh, was songbird Vivian Chow’s boyfriend at the time and married his long-term lover soon after. Miffty Zhang will probably agree with the sayings: “revenge is success” “and a dish is best served cold”.