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Am I the only one having a problem viewing MMS site? I can only see the Apache Tomcat logo with some of its description.

I believe that it should provide us a username/password to retrieve the MMS.

According to Wikipedia:

TIGO was launched in Colombia on 2006 , to replace the old national brand of Colombia Móvil OLA, in entrance of Millicom like new partner with 51%. TIGO Colombia starts operation with 3.6 million users. It competes with international operators like COMCEL (America Movil) and Movistar (Telefonica), using technologies GSM/GPRS/EDGE over 1900 MHz.

Comcel, Colombia –


Comcel, Colombia –

Quote from Wikipedia:

Comunicaciones Celulares (Comcel) is a Colombian mobile phone operator, owned by Mexican Group América Móvil. Comcel is the largeset mobile phone company in the country, with 27,024,134 (out of a 40,739,876 total at December 2008) subscribers