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Excited when you received an MMS from someone? But wait, you can’t see it in your cellphone because it is not supported?

Then you shall logon to eplus Legacy Support Logon User at

When you enter the site, you’ll be welcomed:

Welcome to the Multimedia Message Service by E-Plus!

The Multimedia Message Service offers even without MMS-enabled mobile phone can, at any time to receive MMS. Log in here with your phone number and your password that you’ve received via SMS.

Quoted from Wikipedia:

E-Plus is a mobile telecommunications operator in Germany. With 18.0 million subscribers, E-Plus is the third largest mobile operator in Germany, after T-Mobile (30.7 million subscribers) and Vodafone (30.4 million subscribers).

The company was awarded Germany’s first DCS-1800 (later renamed GSM-1800) license in 1993. One term of the licence was that no further Mobile network operator could be started within 3 years of the start of the network.

The network started operation as a “metropolitan” network, with coverage only in the biggest cities, in 1994. The coverage area was expanded rapidly, but for years the network’s image was hampered by the view that its coverage was lacking. As a countermeasure, voicemail retrieval was free of charge for the first of years of operation, and calls were billed in six-second increments (in contrast to the one-minute increments of the other networks); after text messaging was introduced, it too was free for some time.

E-Plus was the second network in Germany to offer prepaid tariffs to its customers (after T-Mobile’s XtraCard) and later introduced HSCSD, which boosts data rates on GSM networks to analogue modem speed levels. Shortly after that, E-Plus upgraded its network to support GPRS. They now also operate a 3G UMTS network.

In February 2006, after the EGSM900-band, which was in military use before, had become available in late 2005, the German regulation authority Bundesnetzagentur assigned two 2 x 5 MHz ranges to each, E-Plus and O2 Germany, who previously both operated in GSM1800 only. In return to this step, which facilitates coverage in rural areas and provides additional capacity for urban areas, E-Plus and O2 Germany had to assign some GSM1800 frequencies to the two bigger operators, T-Mobile and Vodafone. The first EGSM900base stations (cell sites) began running only in April 2006. In March 2007 E-Plus sourced the deployment, management and maintenance of its network out to Alcatel-Lucent and thereby transferred 750 employees to the French-American company.

E-Plus was the first company to introduce i-mode in Germany, when the other operators did not yet offer MMS.

Recently, E-Plus has begun to market its network using different brand names, e.g. BASE,, ALDI Talk, Simyo, VIVA, JambaSIM

E-Plus has been owned by Dutch telecommunications operator KPN since 2002. – Vodafone, Germany - Vodafone, Germany - Vodafone, Germany

Ready to view your MMS pictures? Most probably, you’ll receive an SMS notification from Vodafone that require you to open

You received a Vodafone MMS.
Please enter your complete mobile number starting with “+” and the password you recieved in the SMS

You have to proceed to enter your mobile number and password.

Quote from Wikipedia.

Vodafone D2 is a mobile telephone company, operating in Germany. It is a non-listed, wholly owned subsidiary of Vodafone Plc (which is based in the United Kingdom).

The company resulted from the 2000 takeover by Vodafone of the German operator Mannesmann Mobilfunk GmbH. D2-Netz, the company’s primary asset, was the second digital (GSM) network licensed in Germany. It was rebranded in 2002 to Vodafone D2. Currently, the Vodafone D2 network serves both prepaid and postpaid customers on GSM and UMTS (with HSDPA). It has 36,191 million customers (34.1% of market share), making it the second largest operator in the country.

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