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You must have been received an SMS notification about the MMS, isn’t it? That’s why you’re here. Follow below steps to retrieve your MMS on Three: 1. Go to 2. Key-in your code sent to your mobile phone via SMS 3. Open your MMS.

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It’s funny. I can access but not the mobile version at received a Google error page. For those who do not know, what is XL funbook? With funbook XL allows you to upload mobile media, share, and publish her with just one click. Simply take a photo / video and then be on the handle by funbook XL. …

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If you read the earlier posting, you may find that Indosat’s MMS site is similar to Sabafon MMS, Yemen. The advantage from other carrier, you only need to key-in the pincode. No phone number required as pincode which has been sent to you mobile phone already has the information required. It is quite intelligent system in MMS retrieval for you …

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NSP 1212 from Telkomsel, Indonesia

Click here for NSP 1212 or directly click: Quote from Wikipedia: Telkomsel is an Indonesian cellular telecommunication company. It is a subsidiary of PT TELKOM. Telkomsel claims itself as the biggest GSM provider in Indonesia and the first company in Asia that offered GSM prepaid service. Asian telecoms major SingTel owns 35% of Telkomsel. Incoming search terms from Google:brokenkn9

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