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Quoted from Wikipedia:

TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) is Telecom Italia‘s mobile phone brand, and runs a GSMEDGEUMTS and HSDPA network in Italy and Brazil. In Europe, TIM is part of the FreeMove alliance. TIM Peru was sold to América Móvil and rebranded Claro. TIM sold its share in the Venezuelan mobile operator Digitel TIM to Televenco, a company owned by the Cisneros Group, since then the company’s name has been Digitel. The agreement was approved by the Venezuelan regulatory authority Conatel. TIM Hellas, the Greek operator owned by Telecom Italia and previously known as STET Hellas (Telestet), was sold in 2005 to Apax Partners and Texas Pacific Group. In 2007 the company was sold to Orascom Telecom and TIM HellasQ-Telecom and also Tellas (a fixed phone/ADSL provider whose 50%+1 share is owned by Orascom’s Italian Wind) renamed to Wind on 5th of June 2007.

The operator was the third largest mobile operator in Europe by subscriber numbers at the end of 2007 .

TIM is the default network for T-Mobile and Orange customers entering Italy as part of the FreeMove alliance. – Libero, Italy - Libero, Italy - Libero, Italy

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Quoted from Wikipedia:

Wind or Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA is an Italian telecom operator which offers integrated mobilefixed and IPTV (under Infostrada brand) and Internet services (under Libero brand) and has also a sister network in GreeceWIND Hellas.

It is best known for being the third largest mobile phone company which operates in Italy (the other three are TIMVodafone Italy and H3G). At the end of 2007 it was ranked as 18th. in Europe by subscriber numbers.