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Here is the free service initiated by Megafon Moscow for Russian people.

Please go to or

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Please go to to use the free SMS sponsored by China Unicom.

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Now, you can send SMS and chat for FREE with Singtel at

Quoted from the official Singtel source:

SingTel’s Internet SMS Chat lets you chat online, real-time with friends and family with SingTel Mobile lines! At absolutely no cost, you can now send and receive SMS from your PC to a SingTel Mobile phone or device (up to 3 at a time) both locally and globally and the chat conversation can be viewed conveniently on your web browser!

To start SMS chatting on your PC to a SingTel Mobile phone or device, simply go through these 4 steps:

1.     Register for a FREE account.
2.     Login to Internet SMS using your email address and password provided.
3.     Key in your friend’s SingTel Mobile number and click “OK”. A pop-up window will appear.
4.     Type your message and click on “Send Message”. The message will be displayed on your pop-up window. At the same time, your friend will receive your SMS on their mobile phones and they can reply your message. The conversation will be captured on your web browser..

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