mms.turkcell.com.tr – Turkcell, Turkey

Do you love soccer or football? Then, you must also love Turkcell. Turkcell has become the official sponsor for the Süper Lig competition across the country. Capture your best moment at the stadium and post it to your friends via MMS. If you phone is not supported, you can retrieve it at mms.turkcell.com.tr. Quoted from Wikipedia: Turkcell is the leading …

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www.avea.com.tr – Avea, Turkey

Avea, Turkey – www.avea.com.tr “Avea” (A ve (and) A: Initial letters of before-merger operators Aria and Aycell) is one of three GSM operators in Turkey. It has been founded in 2004 with the merger of the two GSM operators Aycell (owned by Turk Telekom) and Aria (joint venture of Is Bankasi (51%) and TIM (49%)). TIM and Turk Telekom owned …

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