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For your information, most of the link provided to view MMS are dead.
Kindly head on to:


The problem MMS pages are intentionally blank.
Below is the confirmed dead link.


Quote from Wikipedia:

Telcel is Mexico’s largest mobile phone carrier, owned by América Móvil. Founded in 1989 and based in Mexico City, Telcel is the leading provider of wireless communications services in Mexico. As of December 31, 2006, Telcel’s cellular network covered more than 63% of the geographical area of Mexico, including all major cities, and 90% of Mexico’s population. Telcel holds concessions to operate a wireless network in all nine geographic regions in Mexico using both the 850 megahertz and 1900 megahertz radio spectrums. As of December 31, 2007, Telcel had approximately over 57 million cellular subscribers and, according to Cofetel, as of July 2008, an approximately 77.2% share of the Mexican wireless market.


  1. julio cesar garcia torrez

    hola soy julio


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  5. que pedro por el juan banda

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  7. me podian ayudar para recuperar l foto por favor

  8. no puedo recuperar un mensaje multimedia alguien puede ayudarme?

  9. no le entiendo y no encuentro la forma para `poder recuperar mis mms mil disculpas pero es deplorable el
    servicio insuficiente y no es especifico podrian hacerlo mas facil ?

  10. no pongan mamadas que no podemos entender la cagan

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