1. celcom bb ok kat area senawang..pki prepaid je la pun dah kira laju wpun 364kbps..hsdpa selamber je..celcom bb balik kg pun laju gak..ada gak masalah time cuma masalah kecik je..biasalah bb tak stable..maxis bb wat promotion kat senawang..Rm 68 permonth..hampeh..tanya ada coverage x? kat seremban x de coverage lg jwb promoter tu..habis tu wat pe promote kat org..gilo..

  2. hye..
    now use celcom bb..its horrible..my location bdr sri permaisuri..start 8pm above the signal like shit compare maxis bb its better than celcom…now i consider to change maxis or digi..can u all propose to me..thank friends..

  3. check coverge b4 subscribe..-telco CEO

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