– Maxis Postpaid MMS

Note: Please be reminded that this guide is solely for Maxis postpaid user. For Hotlink prepaid user who wanted to retrieve their MMS pictures, refer to the other guide. iPhone and iPad functionality has not been fully tested. However, the latest popular phone model such as Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG do not have much problem.

Maxis Mobile MMS Logo Small
Maxis Mobile MMS Logo Small

How do I view the Maxis / Hotlink MMS info?


For Maxis: – Maxis Postpaid MMS – Maxis Postpaid MMS

1. Go directly to the Maxis site by typing and/or

2. Click on the Maxis logo. Please be aware, click this only if you’re using Maxis postpaid. – Maxis Postpaid MMS – Maxis Postpaid MMS

3. Put in your mobile phone number, together with the password provided in the SMS.

4. Normally, you can see the pictures sent by your friends. – Maxis Postpaid MMS – Maxis Postpaid MMS

5. But, if you’re receiving an Alert, it stated that your account may have expired.

NOTE: You must open the website, along with the password in 24 hours. Otherwise, it’ll get expired.
All you need to do is just activate back the MMS function. Send any MMS pictures to

Or you can ask your friend to resend the MMS pictures back to you.
But please remember, you must use an MMS enabled phone, or in an easy word, a mobile phone that can show pictures.

For Hotlink, please read the Maxis Hotlink MMS Step by Step Guide.

Good luck.

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Quoted from Wikipedia:

Maxis provides a variety of mobile communication products and services. They offer prepaid call plans, monthly subscription plans, global roaming, MMS, WAP (over both GSM and GPRS), Residential Fixed Line services, Broadband Internet plans, and as of early 2005, 3G services to both prepaid and postpaid subscription customers.

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  1. want free and call firend and teacher so free discounts .please help me .please .iam sad and feeling sadden .want free internet me 2 .

  2. ahHHHHH…!! semua pengencing tepi jalan ataS katiL daN tayaR! dasar pengencing dan tak reti basoH.. PENIPU !

  3. apasal x dapat mms nie.. ari tuh aq on dpt plak.. atoy nie yg menyampah nie.. nk teng0k gunew enset dh r0sak.. atoy

  4. winter sonata skeptron

    qu pon sma x leh tngk gmbr..cem mana nie..bgs kta tkar pg celcom kan..

  5. Why must phone users need to go thru all this procedures before he can open his MMS ? This is unnecessary and absurd ! Maxis should execute a programme whereby the user can click and see it right away. Dear Maxis Customer Care – please explain

  6. tak boleh pon , TOLONG LAH!!!!

  7. ntah pe pe. bwag masa je. apa ni klwo lak? There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.

  8. Maxis bodoh betul.tiap tiap bulan bayar beratus Saja . Nak tengok mms sendiri pun tak datang. Tahu Saja untung duit.tak pakai otak pigi kerja

  9. This is most stupid company I ever seen. Can’t do the good service to own regular customer .only silence when customer complain .

  10. My freind is a bankrup man. I’m doing business over thousand a day. Now, he is sending mms to me but I can’t read it. U guys know what problem I’m having now. Pls, settle your Internet side problem before mine mms is more that my quotation @ invoice. Pls. Take action @ don’t give me unreasonable excuse .

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