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Are you able to access I can’t.

By the way, you can always refer the below settings:

Just one modem connection
Name: Claro Foto
Select a modem: Cellular Line (GPRS)
User Name: claro
Pass: claro

Proxy Settings: Do not Check This network connects to the Internet

Quoted form their website:

Claro performs over 2000 cities in Brasil nationwide, including the most important tourist and business cities, such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasília, Salvador, Recife, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba and many other cities. Using our GSM coverage you are able to speak in all the states of Brazil with Claro’s 100% digital roaming services for voice and data.

When opting for Claro, you can also count with the solidity of the biggest mobile telephone group in Latin America América Móvil. Claro maintains an exclusive and bilingual customer care service for foreign visitors, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Claro’s International Customer Service number: 0800 036 0707

Which services can I use?

• Caller ID
• Call waiting
• Call forward
• Multi party
• Data (GPRS/EDGE) – depending on GPRS Roaming agreement between your home operator with Claro.

Choosing Claro you will be choosing the best Roaming Services in Brazil.

Which states are covered by Claro´s roaming services?

• Acre
• Alagoas
• Bahia
• Ceará
• Distrito Federal
• Espírito Santo
• Goiás
• Mato Grosso
• Mato Grosso do Sul
• Minas Gerais
• Paraíba
• Paraná
• Pernambuco
• Piauí
• Rio Grande do Norte
• Rio Grande do Sul
• Rio de Janeiro
• Rondônia
• Santa Catarina
• Sergipe
• São Paulo
• Tocantins

Claro´s Coverage

How to use Claro Roaming Services with your GSM or 3G mobile device?

To be able to use your mobile phone in Brazil you must have a 2G compatible device to 900 Mhz /1800 Mhz or a 3G compatible device to 850 Mhz frequencies used in Brazilian network. It is important that your home operator works in association to Claro?s roaming services.

Using the Claro Roaming Services:

Step 1
Go to the “network selection”, “phone setup”, “settings” option or other item corresponding to network settings in your phone menu, depending on your mobile device.

Step 2
Find “phone settings” or “manual network selection” and choose the “CLARO” network *

Step 3
Select “CLARO” and you will be asked to confirm your choice. Once “CLARO” is displayed on your screen, you are connected.

(The connection procedure may vary according to your mobile device).

* The network name “CLARO” presented above may also be displayed as the following network codes:

• 724 05
• BRA 05

How to make phone calls in Brazil?

Local calls (to the same city)
Dial: telephone number

Long distance calls in Brazil (between different cities)
Dial: + / city code / telephone number
Dial: 0 / 21 (National voice carrier code) / city code / telephone number

International calls
Dial: + / country code / city code / telephone number
Dial: 00 / 21 (International voice carrier code) / country code / city code / telephone number

Emergency Numbers (free of charge)
Emergency 199
Police 190
Fire Department 193
Ambulance 192

For more information about roaming services and rates in Brazil, contact your local operator.


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