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mms.indosat.com/mms – Indosat, Indonesia

mms.indosat.com/mms - Indosat, Indonesia

mms.indosat.com/mms - Indosat, Indonesia

If you read the earlier posting, you may find that Indosat’s MMS site is similar to Sabafon MMS, Yemen.

The advantage from other carrier, you only need to key-in the pincode. No phone number required as pincode which has been sent to you mobile phone already has the information required.

It is quite intelligent system in MMS retrieval for you own convenience.

Quoted from Wikipedia:

Indosat is a telecommunications company in Indonesia.

Services provided are as follows:

Cellular Services

  • Matrix (GSM Postpaid)
  • Mentari (GSM Prepaid)
  • IM3 (GSM Prepaid)
  • Blackberry from Matrix
  • Indosat 3.5G Broadband

Fixed Data Services (MIDI)

  • Lintasarta: A provider of high speed data communications and integrated services and a pioneers of corporate network services with wide coverage across Indonesia.
  • Indosat M2: One of the pioneers in developing multimedia and internet services that provide extensive services in developing and applying them throughout Indonesia.
  • Indosat Corporate: An integrated telecommunications service for corporate that offer solutions: voice, mobile, connectivity and VAS & hosting, to enhance the business operation.

Fixed Voice Services (Fixec Telecommunications)

  • 008 SLI and Indosat SLI 001: International call with premium quality of services to all countries
  • Indosat Flat Call 01016: International call to all countries at a budget flat tariff.
  • StarOne (CDMA Prepaid and Postpaid): StarOne is a wireless network of voice and data telecommunication using CDMA 2000 1X technology. StarOne offers the combination of fixed phone service (PRTN) and mobile.
  • Jagoan StarOne: A prepaid CDMA service that provides cheap calls.

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    gimana sih cara bukanya?
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    nggak bisa di buka pun
    rugi aja nie MMS
    waktunya cuma 7 harii

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    gmna cra bka ny sih ?
    kx gk bza trus

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