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MMS — is a new level of your freedom! MMS-technology gives you the possibility to send to your friends and colleagues:

  • pictures, photos, screensavers
  • popular melodies, music, ring tones
  • video reels
  • large size text messages

To start using MMS follow next steps:

  1. Make sure that your phone supports MMS. You may find this information in your phone’s manual or at our site.
  2. By sending your first MMS within Kyivstar network you activate the service of sending and receiving MMS. You don’t need any additional agreements. There is no need to call somewhere and follow up complicated voice instructions and moreover go to the Customer Care Center! Activation is made automatically! Please remember that until you haven’t activated the service, MMS will reach you as a simple text message with a link to StarPort, where you will be able to pick it up.
  3. Make all needed settings in your phone so it can send and receive MMS messages properly. In order to set up your phone you should enter «Hand Set Settings» section, choose your hand set model and enter the settings described there.
  4. Create MMS. All you have to do is to find the Menu section which is usually called MESSAGES than select MMS and finally press CREATE NEW. This is as easy as sending SMS. Make a photo of yourself, your friends, shoot a film about animals. If your telephone does not have a camera you may add color or black & white picture, favorite melody or a ring tone, compile MMS from this fragments and send it to your colleagues or friends! If you are lacking ringtones and pictures on your phone, use the My MMS Album section on StarPort portal.Try not to make your creations more than 300 kb, and the number of attachments should not increase 20.
  5. Send MMS. You can send MMS to Kyivstar, Ace&Base or DJUICE subscribers and also to subscribers of other Ukrainian operators. In order to send message dial the number in international format: +380 67(97) XXX-XX—XX. If subscriber’s phone supports MMS he will see it on the display of his hand set in several minutes after you pressed SEND button. If recipient’s phone does not support MMS standard or he has not activated this service or if recipient is subscriber of other Ukrainian operator (except for UMC, SIM-SIM, Jeans), he will receive a notification as a simple SMS in which will be indicated the password and the internet address by which he will be able to see your message. Also you may send MMS directly to your friend’s e-mail. To do this you have to insert an e-mail address instead of a phone number while sending MMS. Please remember that you may send one MMS message maximum to 10 friends at once.
  6. All contract subscribers can use MMS service in roaming, at the same time there’s no need to change phone settings. Please, familiarize yourself with MMS cost and payment principles in Roaming section.
  7. Even if all your friends turned off their mobile phones and computers, MMS won’t let you to be bored! Use a large number of MMS based entertainment services at StarPort portal.

Quoted from Wikipedia:

Kyivstar is the largest mobile phone operator in Ukraine, serving 23 million subscribers as of early October 2007. Kyivstar’s wireless network operates using the GSM standard and provides coverage accessible by approximately 99% of the Ukrainian population.

The company was founded in 1994; the first call within the Kyivstar network was made on 9 December 1997. Norway’s Telenor controls 56.51% of the company and Altimo, the telecommunications arm of Russia’s Alfa Group, indirectly controls 43.49% stake through Storm company.

From its very beginning, the company has always been believed to be tied with relatives of the former Ukrainian president Kuchma, thus getting preferential attitude from various government agencies in the past.

Kyivstar’s network codes are +38067 (postpay and prepaid customers), +38096, +38097 and +38098 (Djuice and prepaid).

The company has enabled its existing network with Push-to-Talk capabilities in January 2007.

Kyivstar’s main local competitors are MTS Ukraine and life:).

In 2004, Kyivstar became the official mobile operator of the Ukrainian Olympic team.

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