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mmsaccess.vodafone.ro – Vodafone, Romania

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mmsaccess.vodafone.ro - Vodafone, Romania

mmsaccess.vodafone.ro – Vodafone, Romania

If you accessing http://mmsaccess.vodafone.ro, you’ll be welcomed with:

This service allows you to view multimedia messages (MMS) that have been sent to you. For every message you receive, you can reply with your own multimedia message, or forward it to someone else.

Multimedia Messages can be sent by people with camera-equipped mobile phones and may contain pictures, sounds or even video clips. If your handset cannot display the contents of the message, it is sent here where you will be able to view it.

To retrieve your MMS pictures, make sure you enter the correct mobile phone number (including the country code +40) and the provided password sent to your SMS.

Please take note that if you’re using carrier such as Orange Romania or Cosmote Romania, they have a different way of retrieving the MMS.

Quoted from Wikipedia:

Vodafone is Romania‘s second-largest mobile phone network operator. It launched in April 1997 as the first GSM network in Romania (although not the first mobile phone network). Until October 2005, it was known as Connex, after which it was rebranded Connex-Vodafone and in April 2006, the Connex name was dropped, the operator being simply known as Vodafone Romania, aligning itself with the global Vodafone brand.

Vodafone covers 95% of the Romanian population, with over 8.23 million subscribers at June 30th 2007and 45% market share. Vodafone provides roaming agreements with 238 international operators in 103 countries.

Vodafone Romania is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vodafone Group plc, and is the seventh-largest Vodafone subisidiary in the world by number of subscribers. Vodafone became the majority stakeholder after it brought 79% of Mobifon’s shares from Canadian company Telesystems International Wireless, which had been the previous majority shareholder. Furthermore it recently acquired 5% of Mobifon’s shares from Canadian Entrepreneur Elani Grobler.

The operator is in head-to-head competition with Orange for the 15.3 million mobile telephony users in Romania. Connex, the ancestor of Vodafone Romania, held the largest number of subscribers until September 2004, when Orange edged ahead.

The motto of Vodafone is Trăieşte fiecare clipă (rendered in English by the company as Make the most of now, a more accurate translation would be “Live the moment”). Previous mottos were: Tu faci viitorul (You create the future) and Viitorul sună bine (The future sounds good).

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