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With Globacom, the leading telco company in Nigeria, you can easily retrieve your MMS pictures and MMS videos as shown on the above. Please go to from your browser.

What you need to do is just provide and insert your mobile phone number and enter the code received in MMS.

Quoted from Wikipedia:

Globacom is the Second National Operator (SNO) in Nigeria, licensed to provide an array of telecommunications services. Since Globacom started operations on August 29, 2003, it has become a pacesetter in the telecommunications industry, introducing revolutionary changes that have afforded Nigerians the benefits of advances made in telecommunications and information technology and spurred national development. Its deep penetration countrywide has contributed to rapid economic development in Nigeria.

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  1. Abdussalam Tukur

    Kindly to settings for my mobole number for both internet and MMS connection if at all available here in kano,if otherwise please comment. +2348073155548 kano,Nigeria.

  2. Abdussalam Tukur

    Kindly send settings to my mobile number for both internet and MMS connections, if at all available here in kano,if otherwise please comment. +2348073155548 kano,Nigeria. Thanks.

  3. Is this a fake ? while can’t i access it with my code and mobile number?

  4. Please someone sent me an MMS with a globacom line some time ago ,why cant i still not view it or they’ve deleted it off your systen

  5. Uhm forgot to include my fone number its +2347031161995

  6. Dennis Godwin Idani

    Please, I want to introduce something to your company. If intrested, please reach me and you will be happy you did.
    I remaine your SUCCESS-G
    08054621799 or 08060343853

  7. rlly rlly gud

  8. congratulations! you haue won #1 million in the on going rebgarge and win promo with activating code no. 1355. for claims call 121 or help line on 08058670399. sender: Glo. That is message I received from glo. is it a fake?

  9. Someone send me an mms with a globacom line i need to view it .my fone num its +2348035972323 and d code kNYeg

  10. I do not understand what this is all about.

  11. Adewoye Babatunde Oyedotun

    why glo allowed bad element from there company, using fake message.

  12. whenever I send Bis… to 777 to reg my Chinese phone (MTKBTDEVICE) there wont be any feedback. Would U please send me through my e-mail the manual settings of the BB platform?

  13. someone send me an MMS with glo line i wont to view the image so that i can download it, my phone No is 08034889354 and the code is dwEOW

  14. A friend sent me mms with, i need to view it, how do i get through?my fon id 08065507524 and07051260039 code1 gmBBZ, CODE2 plhw3

  15. how can i access the content of the MMS usually sent to me

  16. I can’t find any thing my cod is A4nK9 my phone no is 08183430067

  17. received an mms message on my mtn line from a glo number but it does not open but a link was given for me to be able to open the message but yet it is still not opening, why? The link ts

  18. Ojemekele ighodalo odilo

    Same thing just happend to me now, can’t sign in to get my mms message. Glo why?

  19. I recieved an mms wit a link and a code 2 view it.i have tried viewin it wit my opera mini browser but its not working.what could b d cause please?

  20. Someone sent me an mms with a globacom line i need to view it .my phone number is +2347051057141 and the sms code is YTPp6

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