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Please go to to retrieve your MMS. - O2, United Kingdom – O2, United Kingdom - O2, United Kingdom – O2, United Kingdom

Below is the quoted message from the website:

View your media message

If you have been sent a text advising you have received a picture message, you can view it here. Simply enter you mobile number and the pin you received in the text message.
NOTE: O2UK will store your message for SEVEN (7) days from the day you receive the text notification.

Please enter your ID exactly as it looks in the text notification you received e.g. 447712345678.

This is a 6 digit number that you received in the text informing you that a Picture Message had been sent to your account. Please enter the full pin without any spaces or non-numeric characters.

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  • severaljgo


  1. please show the photo

  2. a message& photo from ashiq sheriff mohamad from u.k

  3. Like the above comments did not could not see anything and have tobask do not bother replying, for I can see you don’t care much at all for the aggrevation you have caused so many , so I say good day .
    P. S. No soup for you EVER.

  4. Compelled to leave a comment before I have received anything ????

  5. Patricia Williams

    Can not make a comment don,t know what it is all about

  6. Patricia Williams

    still can not view after all this

  7. useful service

  8. handy service

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