1. why is it so tedious to pull up an mms? also stop charging thaht ridiculous $3 fee to pay my own bill

  2. fuck all ur lifes kill urselfs faggots

  3. also stop charging thaht ridiculous $3 fee to pay my own bill


  5. Cricket have been fucking people over to long. I am leaving cricket.

  6. I am leaving cricket cause cricket SUCKS!!!!!!!


    whtz crack-n. i thought i was tha only one tht who felt like cricket iz full of shit. hey it iz time to cut thm fuckerz off, im go though tha same shit. can not receive mms msgz or get pixz. whn my situation chgz a quick goodbye to cricket. my babe ma purchased a high dollar,but getz a poor signal.enough iz enough

  8. I thinks it’s a way to get you to upgrade your phone if you want mms WTF

  9. why cricket why u should be ashame of yourself i just came back to cricket now i remember why i left if i cant get my loves pictures.I have if i can get my picture what the used…Next month i will stop using cricket this time i wont forget why i left cricket…

  10. omg u p po r crazy ass bitches get a life……

  11. I found cricket to be the best service and price than any other phone service. keep up the good work. kudos to you

  12. mycricket/mms.com

  13. this is so stupid and non professional of Cricket. I mean how can we see our pics,you send us off to another Cricket app to follow the steps and we cant get Shit! Thats why other phone companies are doing much better.You just lost a costumer! With your amateur Network..

  14. You people are retarded.. I have an I-phone and a cricket that I use on the side.. its not hard to follow directions if u have fuckin patience. I did it in 3 mins. If you don’t have a smart phone, for your cricket just go to this website, http://otp.mycricket.com/mmbox/otp.html….. I did it on my I-PHONE smart phone its not hard. Put in ur mdn #, which is your cricket wireless number, then the message id # that u get from ur message where it says you received a new mms message you can view it, ur message id # is: so and so.. I don’t mean to be a jerk, I’m just trying to help u all out.. its not hard.. and yes cricket does suck, but it does the job for people that can’t afford nice phones and yes there customer service people are idiots, that’s why I have aT&T..///////tucson az////////

  15. what i dont understand is why cant crict ket notify these dummies that keep sending u mms that your phone does not support them instead of telling u. i changed my plan for a reason and i am tried of these FUCKING STUPID ASS MESSAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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