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Tammy NYP, Singapore Nanyang Polytechnic MMS – Singapore

Tammy NYP - Singapore Nanyang Polytechnic MMS

Tammy NYP - Singapore Nanyang Polytechnic MMS

This leaked MMS and 3gp video was once a hit in South-East Asia, especially in Singapore.

A lot of people spreading across the web that Tammy, a cheerleader from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), gave head to her boyfriend in a home-made internet video. A

Apparently, an arch enemy of hers sneaked away with her handphone and spread the video to other NYP students. A group of black hackers had even managed to retrieve her personal details from NYP’s vulnerable database – her FULL name, IC number and address

But, as I said, this site will not provide any any link or media to that particular video.