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mms.movilnet.com.ve - Movilnet, Venezuela

mms.movilnet.com.ve – Movilnet, Venezuela

If you’re looking for a MMS setting and configuration, refer below:

Web (Basic function of your browser and connection to the data network):

APN: int.movilnet.com.ve (login and pasword blank)

MMS Settings:

APN: mm.movilnet.com.ve

IP and DNS: none

Use proxy: yes:

Proxy Address: 192,168,016,012;

Port Number: 8080

The multimedia server address is:



APN: app.movilnet.com.ve

IP address and DNS: nothing

PAP Authentication

Use proxy: yes

Proxy Address: 192,168,201,170 (I think is equal to cdma)

Port Number: 8080

URL: http://www.movilnet.com.ve/wap

With these parameters, which are placed correctly you will be able to connect to the Internet without any hassle.


mms.movilnet.com.ve - Movilnet, Venezuela

mms.movilnet.com.ve – Movilnet, Venezuela

Quoted from Wikipedia:

The mobile phone component of CANTV was founded in 1991. It offers wireless voice, data, and wireless fixed telephony, among many other services over its digital network. As of 2008 it has the majority of the market share. Their wireless networks are based on TDMA (which was recently shut down), CDMA2000,1x EV-DO and a GSM Edge network that is fully operative. all with nationwide coverage. In the present Movilnet has more than 1,300 1xRTT base stations, having more coverage than any other provider. A 3G UMTS network, which will co-exist with is current 3G Ev-DO will be launched in 2009. Movilnet, reaching over 10 Million Subscribers in 2008, is also the largest Wireless service provider in Venezuela closely followed by Movistar, which is owned by Telefonica S.A.

Incoming search terms from Google:

  • venta de cantv y movilnet a los chinos

mms.movistar.mx – Movistar, Mexico

mms.movistar.mx - Movistar, Mexico

mms.movistar.mx - Movistar, Mexico

Kindly refer to the below setting for the MMS configuration:

Movistar WAP (WAP GPRS)

Homepage: http://movistar.com.mx}
Tipo de servicio 1:wap
Gateway IP 1:
Gateway IP 2:
Port 1:9201(default)
Port 2:9201(default)
Timeout: 15 minutes
Speed (bps): 9600 default
Line Type 1 (linea 1):ISDN
Line Type 2(Linea 2):ISDN

GPRS APN: wap.movistar.mx
User Name: movistar
Password: movistar

Mensajes Multimedia (MMS GPRS)
Gateway IP 1:
Gateway IP 2:
Port 1:9201
Port 2:9201
Timeout: 15 mins
Speed (bps):9600
Line Type 1:ISDN
Line Type 2:ISDN
GPRS APN: mms.movistar.mx
User Name: movistar
Password: movistar

Quote from Wikipedia:

Movistar is a major mobile phone operator owned by Telefónica Móviles. It operates in Spain and in many Latin American countries. Many Movistar networks were acquired from BellSouth.

The Movistar name has been in use in Spain since the launch of GSM services in 1995. After purchasing Bellsouth mobile operations branch in South America, the name became effective worldwide on April 5, 2005.

After the purchase of O2 in 2005 by Telefónica S.A., the company announced that the O2 brand would continue to be used in the UK, Germany and the Republic of Ireland, as a separate branch with its own board and management structure. Eurotel in the Czech Republic was rebranded as Telefónica O2 Czech Republic, as opposed to Telefónica Móvistar, it is possible Telefónica will expand the use of the O2 brand.

It is the biggest carrier in Spain with 22 million customers (cellphone services only) and it also has the widest coverage in Spain. It offers GSM 900/1800 MHz (2G), UMTS 2100 MHz (3G) and HSDPA (3.5G) services.

Its principal competitor in Latin America is America Movil, which markets its services under the following brands: Claro, Telcel, Porta and Comcel