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mms.movilnet.com.ve – Movilnet, Venezuela

mms.movilnet.com.ve - Movilnet, Venezuela

If you’re looking for a MMS setting and configuration, refer below: Web (Basic function of your browser and connection to the data network): APN: int.movilnet.com.ve (login and pasword blank) MMS Settings: APN: mm.movilnet.com.ve IP and DNS: none Use proxy: yes: Proxy Address: 192,168,016,012; Port Number: 8080 The multimedia server address is: http://mm2.movilnet.com.ve/servlets/mms WAP: APN: app.movilnet.com.ve IP address and DNS: nothing …

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mms.movistar.mx – Movistar, Mexico

Kindly refer to the below setting for the MMS configuration: Movistar WAP (WAP GPRS) Homepage: http://movistar.com.mx} Tipo de servicio 1:wap Gateway IP 1: Gateway IP 2: Port 1:9201(default) Port 2:9201(default) Timeout: 15 minutes Speed (bps): 9600 default Line Type 1 (linea 1):ISDN Line Type 2(Linea 2):ISDN GPRS APN: wap.movistar.mx User Name: movistar Password: movistar Mensajes Multimedia (MMS GPRS) Homepage:http://mms.movistar.mx Gateway …

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mmcp.tigo.com.co – Tigo, Colombia

Am I the only one having a problem viewing http://mmcp.tigo.com.co MMS site? I can only see the Apache Tomcat logo with some of its description. I believe that it should provide us a username/password to retrieve the MMS. According to Wikipedia: TIGO was launched in Colombia on 2006 , to replace the old national brand of Colombia Móvil OLA, in …

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