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mms.movistar.com.ar – Movistar, Argentina

To send an International MMS, please refer to http://www.movistar.com.ar/servicios/mms_internacionales_gsm.html The above screenshot, I gotten from the Google cache. I just can’t locate the existing http://mms.movistar.com.ar. If you know the current MMS retrieval for Movistar Argentina, please let me know. Quote from Wikipedia: Movistar is a major mobile phone operator owned by Telefónica Móviles. It operates in Spain and in many Latin American countries. …

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mms.movistar.mx – Movistar, Mexico

Kindly refer to the below setting for the MMS configuration: Movistar WAP (WAP GPRS) Homepage: http://movistar.com.mx} Tipo de servicio 1:wap Gateway IP 1: Gateway IP 2: Port 1:9201(default) Port 2:9201(default) Timeout: 15 minutes Speed (bps): 9600 default Line Type 1 (linea 1):ISDN Line Type 2(Linea 2):ISDN GPRS APN: wap.movistar.mx User Name: movistar Password: movistar Mensajes Multimedia (MMS GPRS) Homepage:http://mms.movistar.mx Gateway …

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