1. can not get into my mms view it wont let me access the id no or my code

  2. Although the message wasn’t 7 days old we couldn’t access it, what’s the go? We had all the details correct.

  3. Cannot get in to access picture of granddaughter as your site for ID andCode is dead

  4. I am unable to recieve my message and submit my id 64210546107
    code 763055

  5. Cannot get into mms view says I have wrong ID and code very frustrating

  6. can’t access picture,all the details are correct, help me out here guys.

  7. Why is it that I can’t access my pictures, when they say I can, ID and CODE provided and still can’t get it….

  8. Cannot get in to access photo of grandson as unable to enter ID and Code you quoted.

  9. Cannot got in to access pictures of my grandson on your site for ID and Code please fix this i only have 7 day . Thanks R OBrien

  10. Crap service can’t access the pictures sent me and judging by other comments left this is a joke

  11. Can’t access an MSS sent from australia 4 days ago. Not impressed !

  12. id 27848259959 code 401406

  13. even when given ID and code wont work.2mins after geting txt.why offer some thing cant deliver?.

  14. cannot access photos of granddaughter as I can’t access ID and Code

  15. cant get access to picture of my deaf friends as your site for ID and Code is dead

  16. I also cant look at photos sent from Australia this afternoon.Whats the story? Site for ID and Code are just not going.

  17. was sent photos yesterday but unable to access them, even have tried the password…………..not working…………………your site ????

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