18 thoughts on “telstra.com/intmms – Telstra, New Zealand

  1. Geraldine Hunter

    Although the message wasn’t 7 days old we couldn’t access it, what’s the go? We had all the details correct.

  2. Lupe Whinney

    Why is it that I can’t access my pictures, when they say I can, ID and CODE provided and still can’t get it….

  3. Rhonda OBrien

    Cannot got in to access pictures of my grandson on your site for ID and Code please fix this i only have 7 day . Thanks R OBrien

  4. Nick Gliddon

    Crap service can’t access the pictures sent me and judging by other comments left this is a joke

  5. H Ingram

    I also cant look at photos sent from Australia this afternoon.Whats the story? Site for ID and Code are just not going.

  6. loma moors

    was sent photos yesterday but unable to access them, even have tried the password…………..not working…………………your site ????


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