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vodafone.de/mms – Vodafone, Germany

vodafone.de/mms - Vodafone, Germany

vodafone.de/mms - Vodafone, Germany

Ready to view your MMS pictures? Most probably, you’ll receive an SMS notification from Vodafone that require you to open vodafone.de/mms.

You received a Vodafone MMS.
Please enter your complete mobile number starting with “+” and the password you recieved in the SMS

You have to proceed to enter your mobile number and password.

Quote from Wikipedia.

Vodafone D2 is a mobile telephone company, operating in Germany. It is a non-listed, wholly owned subsidiary of Vodafone Plc (which is based in the United Kingdom).

The company resulted from the 2000 takeover by Vodafone of the German operator Mannesmann Mobilfunk GmbH. D2-Netz, the company’s primary asset, was the second digital (GSM) network licensed in Germany. It was rebranded in 2002 to Vodafone D2. Currently, the Vodafone D2 network serves both prepaid and postpaid customers on GSM and UMTS (with HSDPA). It has 36,191 million customers (34.1% of market share), making it the second largest operator in the country.

Below is the link that you might find useful and relevant:

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  • vodafone.de/rechnung

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    Geben Sie mir bitte die adresse von SMTP vodafone Deutschland fur ausgehende gesprechen.
    Ich Hollander und hab Vodafone interbnet gekeuft aber kan nicht senden.

  • klache May 28, 2009, 10:30 pm

    I am their accommodations with communication of deaf in all the world

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    I cant find out to open the picture i got?

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    Hans is a son of beach.

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    hallo wie geht es dir Ich möchte einen Termin mit der deutschland Botschaft machen

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