yoigo.com/mms – Yoigo, Spain

yoigo.com/mms - Yoigo, Spain
yoigo.com/mms - Yoigo, Spain

Please be informed that when you try to access http://yoigo.com/mms/, you will be redirected to the https://services.sonera.net/authentication/21404/login.html.

You’ll be welcomed with a message:


You received a notice that you have a multimedia message for you on this page you can watch it and enjoy it.

Make sure the number is the same that you found the notice. The code is at the end of the message.

Phone Number:

Quoted from Wikipedia:

Yoigo is the fourth mobile phone operator with a network of its own in Spain. They operate a UMTS/3G network, which at their launch in December 2006 had very limited UMTS (3G) coverage even in some of the largest cities. In places where there is no UMTS coverage, Yoigo users switch to national roaming using movistar‘s both GSM and 3G networks.

Originally the carrier was to be called Xfera, a name reflected in its nowadays registered name of Xfera Móviles, SA. It was formed in 2000 as a consortium to compete for a new UMTS license in Spain, which finally won out. At the time, its main shareholders were French company Vivendi, the Spanish building company Grupo ACS and Scandinavian cell phone carrier Sonera (now TeliaSonera).


  1. he recibido un men multimedia y me dan el codigo de acceso pero no puedo usarlo xq o las paginas estan en ingles o no me deja meter la informacion

  2. la kdkjak aidoiadd

  3. get your ridiculous web site working. such a shame this network

  4. juan josé rivas cuesta

    No puedo ver el mensaje porque no me es posible escribir el código de acceso del mensaje porque no está activo el recuadro.

  5. http://www.yoigo.com/mms

    Unable to access this website despite having the code. Hopeless!

  6. can not acess my mms .shame.(shuma)

  7. No puedo ver el mensage, por que los espacios para escribir no estan activos

  8. cuando se ofrece algo lo normal es que sea cierto mi movil no me deja ver los mms y recibo unos cuantos mensajes de yoigo diciendome que lo puedo visualizar en http://www.yoigo.mms.com … me quereis esplicar donde esta esa pag que no te deja hacer nada de nada ni poner tu tlf cracias por su atencion

  9. no puedover el mensaje de multimedia

  10. En saa viestiä avattua

  11. Please get this website working, can´t read my mms messages.It is not possible to enter code or name….

  12. me ha olvidao le PIN y quero saber si tengo areglo….

  13. agggggggggggggggg, dichoso código, no se puede acceder, ni escribir, horror

  14. hi

    i bought 6/6/11 in santa susana mobile phone including sim of 10 euro
    no633404132 pin4155 puk 97752545

    no622183690 pin9292 puk78219545

    they are not working – i didnt use all the amount

    please let me able to use the rest of 10 euro each sim


  15. este website no funciona. Ademas, hay comentarios diciendo lo mismo desde 2011. vuestro website debe estar en orden

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